New Casio Grand Furniture aspires to produce, export, and trade high-quality Designer Sofa Sets, hardwood furniture, glass and steel furniture, and interior decorating goods for both the home and the office. Currently, our manufacturing operation, which is staffed by expert designers, artisans, and state-of-the-art gear, is capable of producing designer couch sets of worldwide quality and polish, allowing us to provide up to a five-year warranty to our clients. We provide a large selection of top grade teak, rosewood, mahagony, and other proven hard wood furniture, including dining tables, dining chairs, beds, cabinets, and dressing tables.

We have a dynamic staff of experts ready to respond to your frayed sofas, peeling skin, ripped coverings, and other issues. Because every material reacts differently to different environments or atmospheres, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the Sofa skin's sensitivities. However, it is preferable to leave your Chesterfield in the hands of Sofa Clinic professionals. In the shortest amount of time, our specialists can repair a leather couch better than any other service. The Sofa Repair Coast is reasonably priced and will provide a high level of satisfaction. And we are qualified to repair any type of sofa, including those made of lather, raxing, cotton, fibre, synthetics, and so on.

The following are some of the services provided by Sofa Clinic:
Repairing a leather sofa to perfection while taking care of the tiny crinkles.
Raged, abandoned, frayed, and unresolved couches may be twinged in a proper method to produce a spectacular appearance that matches your interiors.
Fixing new attachments and oiling the old will help to raise the spring suspensions.
Adding the correct foam to a vintage and antique sofa to make it more cosier. The unfastened sealing and covering are stretched.

We supply furniture to more city's and etc.

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